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Key benefits
Boo has minimalist features that can enhance your gaming experience. We promise you top-notch performance and the best support!
Top-notch speed

Boo optimizes your internet by delaying other devices on your network. Boo can improve latency up to 40% and bandwidth up to 15%. *Boo's algorithm is fully dependent on devices/user count.

Simple settings

Don't waste your time dealing with thousands of meaningless settings, Boo simplifies everything by exposing a few simple settings and hiding any complexity away, in result reducing your lag!

No restarts needed

Tired of having to restart every time you change your network settings? Boo has you covered, our instant update protocol allows you to easily change settings without interupting your experience.

Help & Support

Do you have questions, ideas, suggestions, or anything else? We are available to help you out. We make your experience as smooth as possible, we make it our top priority to solve your issue.

Our features

Play however you want

Our system is extremely unique & advanced, and efficient, doing the hard work for you.

Trusted System

Boo is the leading WiFi optimizer tool and is used by thousands every month, with a squeaky clean VirusTotal record.

24/7 Support

By having staff from many timezones, you won't have to wait long for help.

Affordable Pricing

Want to optimize your internet but can't afford a hardware Internet Booster?

$14.99 /lifetime
  • Windows compatable
  • Minimalist features
  • Fully external
  • Frequent updates
  • Simple interface
$9.99 /month
Boo X
  • Windows compatable
  • Optimized features
  • Higher threshold
  • Maximum performance
  • Exclusive community
Invite only

* Nitro boosting the server twice will get you free Boo X if you have Boo and Invite

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Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions with answers to them.

Boo is a lifetime connection optimizer built for gaming and general use.

Boo, when installed, has permissions to your network's ARP table. This means it is able to programmatically spoof (throttle) other users on the network. This way, your WiFi is much faster.

No, Boo is not a virus. You can contact our staff in the Discord for more inquiries.